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We believe that the goal of mankind is knowledge. what we say a man ‘knows’ should be what he ‘discovers’: what a man ‘learns’ is usually what he ‘discovers’ by taking the cover off his own soul, which is a mine.

The SRI COMPUTER EDUCATION (S.C.E.) & SRI INSTITUTE OF POPLYTECHNIC MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY (SIMTECH)® (A Unit of SRI Computer Education/SIMTECH Institute/SRI Institute of Mgmt.& Tech.) Registered as a commercial Establishment under Delhi- (N.C.T.) Shops & Establishment Act,1954(Reg.No 2016035472/2016035477/2016035480),Under Registered SRI EDUCATION SOCIETY- society Registration act -1860(Reg.No -599/1-179699) from Govt.Of U.P.  Lucknow respectively and working in computer and Education Of Literacy OR Management etc. field with the central as well as State Govt. to reach every class of the society.The institute is also Certified  ISO 9001:2015 by DAC, institute courses are Registered by ,Ministry of HRD,(Dept.of School Education & Litracy) under Section6(3) of RTI Act Registration No.-DOSEL/R/2016/51131.

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